How often do people say “I’m so inspired”.

A clock communicating with a countdown timer, saying even you have to enjoy the now even if you are programmed otherwise.

“My mind is like my web browser. 19 tabs are open, 3 are frozen and I have no idea where the music is coming from.

An owl smiling
On closer inspection, he found that the burr’s hooks would cling to anything loop-shaped. This accidental discovery led him to the invention of hook and loop fasteners.‘What makes burrs so difficult to remove?’ de Mestral wondered. When he returned home, de Mestral examined one under his microscope and ultimately invented a hook-and-loop fastener of his own. The principle was simple. The cocklebur is a maze of thin strands with burrs (or hooks) on the ends that cling to fabrics or animal fur. By the accident of the cockleburs sticking to his jacket, George de Mestral recognized the potential for a practical new fastener. Today his invention — Velcro — can be found on everything from clothing and lunch bags to space suits and spacecraft.
It was inspired by observing systems within slaughterhouses and grain warehouses. The creation of the assembly line in December 1913 by Henry Ford at his Highland Park plant revolutionised the automobile industry and the concept of manufacturing worldwide. The assembly line significantly decreased the assembly time per vehicle and increased the profit margin. The impact was immediate and revolutionary. It allowed for a continuous workflow, worker specialisation, less waste and a higher quality of the end product.
  • Choose a target to achieve(Encourage Social Entrepreneurs) and take a paper and fold it into 3 columns.
  • Choose the one thing from the above list that is the most exciting and related according to your gut feel.
  • Experience it.
  • If you have not got the eureka moment or revelation during the experience, come back and list down the leisure points and pain points or switch to another experience and repeat the same process.







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Aarushi Lal

Aarushi Lal

A UI person by profession, often fascinated with the world around. Loves to delineate a story , a moment or a thought via sketch or camera.