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BEM stands for Block Element Modifier

Preprocessors are a great thing and they are providing us with a lot of benefits, and most importantly are a perfect match with BEM naming methodology.

BEM is a specific concrete application of OOCSS(Object Oriented CSS).

It speeds up the development process by arranging…

Integrating GSAP with your React application

What you’ll be able to do


Installing GSAP

I like to install GSAP using npm. If you’d prefer to use yarn or another method, check out the various installation methods in the GSAP docs.

$ npm install gsap

Next you’ll import GSAP at the head of the file, here we are going…

What is Emotion?

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Well, I cant deny that the name of the library also caught my attention to look more into it. The above image demonstrates emotions in expressions!

Likewise EmotionJS use expressions to effectively build styles of UI components in an application.

Quite A lot!! Isn’t it?

The most is through some random quotes that we see, one such example is below:

A clock communicating with a countdown timer, saying even you have to enjoy the now even if you are programmed otherwise.

Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow in to.

A coal with high potential energy needs an extra push to get it all fired…

Aarushi Lal

A UI person by profession, often fascinated with the world around. Loves to delineate a story , a moment or a thought via sketch or camera.

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